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COMP 3607 Object Oriented Programming II
Updated 2019.09.04 16:45

Course Outline


This page is set up for students who are unable to access the course content on myElearning for the next two weeks. It will be taken down by Week 3

QR Code Generator: Please use the link to generate a QR code for your student ID and save the image file on your mobile device. These will be use to record attendance in lectures and labs.

Lecturer Office Hours: Please use the link to schedule consultations as needed.

Lab Handouts and Resources

Weeks 1 -2:
Lab Handout (1-2) September 6, 13, 2019, FST CSL2
UML Class and Object Diagram Handout
UML Sequence Diagram Handout
UML Use Case Diagram Handout

Lecture Handouts

Lecture 1 Wednesday 4th September, 2019 9:00 am - 10:00 am, FST 113

Reading Materials and Resources